Oversized Transport Finland

My phone rings when something big and special is coming to the road

I have made a special transport traffic management and route planning since 1992. Behind the wheel of front surveycar accrued 1 761 251 km and 2 584 different trips by 31.12.2016.

When it comes to the need to move large tanks or even small boats - and all between them – Just a call and the job gets done! If you need several transport pilots or marking tools, then we are the service you need.

Along the way, the hubs of such a big burden have come to know well as well-proven routes. Experience solves and mileage behind the wheel will be visible in the time spend on the road. We are also familiar with the transport chains and aids, and if that saves all the nerves, even before a mile has gone. Cooperation with the various authorities is handled effortlessly.

Traffic control for special transports since 1992 - Advertising was somewhat unnecessary at some point

On my pages you will find useful information for both private and special transport designers.
Part of the existence of my site is also to awaken a bit of discussion about the future of the industry as well as its continuity and development. I hope you feel the content of my site useful and if you need a transport specialist, contact me. 
The experience that I have with my few miles can be of use to you.

My main field of activity is Finland, but I can, if necessary, drive to eg Northern Sweden.

Please, contacts by email, Thank You. Have a nice day :)


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